In the city fields
Contemplating cherry trees
Strangers are like friends
- Issa

ISBN 978-605-8196-1-8
Hardcover , 160 Pages





Cat Fever

A book about cats for cat lovers.

ISBN 978-975-8416-51-6
Hardcover, 96 Pages

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Au Revoir Istanbul

With the changing face and the mindset of Istanbul. I started asking myself where is home? The places I used to go visit or the way of living has changed drastically in the recent years. As a result of this change , I observe on myself and other people pessimism and not knowing what the future holds for us. 

This book is about a state of mind of feeling alienated and out of place in the city I grew up in.

ISBN 978-605-82196-0-1

Softcover, 76 Pages

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